The Lakes Gallery  

Botanical drawing with pen and ink

January 12th – February 23

Meredith, NH. Contact; suzanne@thelakesgallery.com……..603-279-8663


Sanctuary Arts   

Botanical drawing with colored pencil

February 4th – April 28th

Colored pencil workshop

February 13th,

Eliot, Maine.Contact; info@sanctuaryarts.org…….. 207-438-9826


Berkshire Botanical Garden  

Drawing Spring Bulbs  

March 15th – 18th,                                                                               

Stockbridge, MA.  www.Berkshirebotanical.org…….. 413-289-3926


Sanctuary Arts.

Building drawing skills

March 4th – April 29th

Drawing Spring Flowers

May 3rd – 31st

Eliot, Maine. Contact; info@sanctuaryarts.org…….. 207-438-9826

New York Botanical Garden

Tonal drawing skills

May 20th – 22nd

Bronx, NY.  Contact; NYBG.org/adultEd…….. 817-718-8720


Sanctuary Arts

Drawing in Historic Gardens

June 2nd – 30th

Eliot, Maine.


New York Botanical Garden                                                        

Pen and Ink Techniques 

July 11th, 13th, 15th,

Bronx, NY. Contact;  NYBG.org./adultEd……..  817-718-8720 

Berkshire Botanical Garden                                                            

Drawing nature-focus on white

August 8th – 9th

Observing nature-basic drawing skills   

August 10th – 12th

Stockbridge, MA. Contact; Berkshirebotanical.org……..413-289-3926


Friends of Wellesley College Botanic garden                              

Tonal Drawing review 

August 22nd, 23rd,

Drawing fruit on colored paper

August 24th – 26th

Wellesley, MA.  Contact: wcbgfriends@wellesley.edu……..7891-283-3094


Sanctuary Arts                                                                              

Botanical Drawing 

September 29th – December 15th

Sketching for Pleasure

October 3rd -  November 28th

Eliot, Maine.  Contact: info@sanctuaryarts.org…….207-438-9826


Friends of Wellesley College Botanic Garden                           

Traditional Crow quill pen techniques.                                            

November 10th – 12th

Wellesley, MA. Contact: wcbgfriends@wellesley.edu ……..718-283-3094



Berkshire Botanical Garden                                                          

Drawing Quince with colored pencil                                                                                                                            Stockbridge, MA. Contact: www.berkshirebotanical.org……..413-289-3926